The Privacy policy of a Rapid SEO will help you to understand what information we collect, why we collect the information, how it can be update, manage and delete your information. When you use our services, it means you are trusting us with your shared information. We and our team understand this is a big responsibility and work very hard to protect your information. We basically states that with the best of your efforts we do not share your information, be it your business information, personal information or your updates with any third party, until and unless it helps us to cater better service. Rapid SEO takes your privacy very seriously but while creating a website and searchable by the mob it means you want and ready to expose data to the world. It will be available to search by your clients or customers. It will be also available for other general public also who might not be excluded from viewing your website and the information shared in , just because you wish or desire it so. 

What Rapid SEO do?

Rapid SEO & associated companies provides services related to design and development of websites, up gradation of website, marketing of website/s digitally and / or on different social media platforms. 

Rapid SEO Information Technology Legalities and Information Technology Safety Measures



1. Registration information: When you sign up and register with Rapid SEO, information such as your business name, business address, mobile number, location, contact person name you want to share and etc.
2. Updated Business Contact details: If you choose to update or add your business contact numbers, email addresses.
3. Business Category: Business category you work upon.
4. Brand Identity: Such as Logo, Favicon, Tag Line, Mission and Vision.
5. Brand Images and Images of your products: We will upload brand images, general images and other proprietary images. These images will be uploaded in “Image Gallery”. These images by various ways can be downloaded by general public and may use of their own discretion.
6. Content: Information shared about the services, products, privacy policy, terms, about us, updates, contact information, mission, vision, HR policies etc. This list is exhaustive.
7. Business updates: The regular messages,news, updates, blogs you upload or inform us to upload and share with the public on your “website” by the portal shared by us through the credentials.
8. Business Portal Information: Whenever you use or are running Rapid SEO or the Manage-portal, such as send or receive a message, update store information, seek analytics, view or otherwise interact with things, click on etc.
9. Images or Videos: When you post things like photos or videos on Rapid SEO, additional data or metadata, such as the time, date, and place may receive depending upon the data shard.
10. IP address and Location Information: We receive data from or about the computer, mobile phone, tablets, or other devices you use to access Rapid SEO portal, including when multiple users or single user log in from the same device. This may include communication and network information, such as IP address, mobile number, landline number,internet service, operating system, location etc. ,
11. Technical Information: We receive data website that uses the rapid SEO platform or visit a site with Rapid SEO plugin through cookies or in general. The time and date you visit the site, the URL or web address,technical information such as IP address, operating system and browser.



1. Information we collect to ensure that you get better services, increase in your business related leads, increase in your potential customers and increase in your profits. The information will be available to general public based on your assumption that it will help to promote your business.
2. When we use the phrase “public “, it means the information you choose to make public and always publicly available or assessable. It will display certain information on your website.
3. To share information with general public such as your displayed business name, business address, logo, image gallery, message board, URL, page statistics, social sharing links, etc
4. Traffic of public which is coming on Rapid SEO or associated websites.
5. Traffic or persons accessible to anyone uses Rapid SEO APIs and internal search.



1. Based on information shared by you.
2. Based on the information is updated on any social media on your website.
3. Based on the information is updated on your website by you.
4. Based on the information is updated on your Application by you.
5. Based on the information is updated on our portal by you.
6. Based on the information is updated on news or update in print media or digital media.
7. Based on the information is shared by ranking or information sharing website.
8. Based on the information is shared by general public by any mode such reviews or rankings.
9. Based on your competitors are doing business.



1. If you want to stop using services with Rapid SEO, you can get in touch with our representatives to either deactivate or delete the information.
2. Deactivate means your account is on hold. People searching for your services will no longer find it digitally by our medium, but we may or may not delete any or all of your information. Deactivating is holding and any or all information will be retain by us and can be reactivated your account at any time in the future. The time frame for deactivating is 1 month.
3. Deletion means your account is permanently deleted by Rapid SEO. The time frame for deletion is minimum 1 month. Some information may and will remain in backup copies as required by government policies.


In case you have any issues with our services, the same should be reported before contract or amount released to us. No refund will be provided after moving to a paid subscription and invoice generated or advance given. Customer support will be provided only for the duration of the subscription of the paid product.


Any product or services of Rapid SEO does not guarantee:

. Any particular amount of business.
. Any particular position on any search engines in a particular time frame.

Rapid SEO is a rapid marketing tool that helps your business get discovered digitally on search engines and you can get more business. It does not guarantee a particular search engine position or amount of business.

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